Buxenger FAQ

What is Buxenger?

Buxenger is a app for Google Chrome and Mozilla firefox that allows you to bookmark all your PTC sites in one place, in a highly visual way. Each PTC site is represented as a Box, showing balance, direct refs and number of available ads. Click on any of the PTC boxes to quickly jump to that PTC and view your ads. PTC has never been so easy!

Does Buxenger break the rules of PTC sites?

No. We work closely with PTC site owners to ensure the Buxenger works in a way that benefits their interests. Buxenger is not built to auto-click, "hack" or "cheat". Buxenger users need to view ads for the required amount of seconds and insert the correct captchas to get credited. Just as they would do normally.

Can I add any of my PTC sites to Buxenger?

Yes. Just click on “Add website” and select your favourite PTC site. If you can’t find it in our list of supported sites, just add it by introducing its name, URL and view ads page.

What’s the difference between Fully and Partially Supported Sites?

When admins of a PTC site express their wish to be fully Supported by our app, our team works on integrating that site to Buxenger. The benefits include:

  • Automatic Balance Stats
  • Automatic Total Refs Stats
  • Available Ads updates
When admins of a PTC site have not expressed their wish to be fully Supported by our app, we will not be able to support synced stats or available ads. Stats can be updated manually on Partially Supported sites by clicking on the icon. If you wish to see a partially supported site become fully supported, please contact the admins of the site asking them to request Buxenger Support.

I’m concerned about password security. Can I use Buxenger?

Buxenger is known for its rock solid security. Not only you will have password protection for your PTCs, but also an additional layer of security with Buxenger's main password.

Why do PTC sites that have a "not recommended" Status on PTC Central show up as available websites that I can add to my Buxenger?

Although we highly discourage you from joining "not recommended" sites, the decision is ultimately yours. All we can do is provide you with information around the status of a site so you can make better decissions, but we try to make available as many websites as possible to our users.