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Buxenger Simplicity

The Revolutionary PTC app

Buxenger Simplicity makes it easier than ever to manage multiple PTC sites. Just add your PTC sites and you will see them as boxes with stats and number of available ads to click.

View your daily ads faster

Instead of wasting time going back and forth, just add all your ads to a playlist and view them in slideshow to save time.

See all stats in one place

Each box in Buxenger Simplicity represents a PTC site. Boxes display balance, direct refs and number of available ads.

Buxenger is the most secure and reliable PTC app since 2011

Our numbers speak for themselves

Accounts created

Years in business

Refs delivered

Versions (each better)

Add your favorite sites

More than 400 PTC sites available

And discover new ones you didn't know about

Want to know if the sites you use are available? Type in the name of your favorite PTC sites in the search box bellow and see if it can be added to your Buxenger. Not there? Just ask us and we will add them.

Tired of getting refs separately on each of your PTC programs?

All you need is Buxenger

Get tons of direct PTC refs

Buxenger Affiliate Program

Sharing just one referral link

1. Add sites to Buxenger

Add your PTC's to Buxenger and set up your PTC referral links once.

2. Promote Buxenger link

Use buxenger.com?r=yourname to get people to join Buxenger.

3. Get Buxenger Refs

Users joining with your referral link will become your Buxenger refs.

4. Get tons of PTC Refs

When Buxenger refs join PTC sites, they become your direct refs on those sites!

Don't have time to get Buxenger refs? No Problem! Just Buy them!

When you buy Buxenger refs they become yours for life. Every PTC account they create in future will automatically become your direct ref.

Buxenger Premium Affiliates

  • The Basic affiliate program is available to all users. In addition to it Premium members enjoy amazing benefits of the Buxenger PREMIUM affiliate program.

1. You Become Premium

For just $2 a month you enjoy all the benefits of Premium membership.

2. You get a Buxenger ref

Use buxenger.com?r=yourname to get people to join Buxenger.

3. Your Ref becomes Premium

In average, one out of 5 Buxenger members becomes Premium at some point.

4. You receive 1$ per month

For every month your Buxenger ref is Premium, you will get 50% of it.

Buxenger Premium is the easiest way to speed up your PTC profit.

Free or Premium

Select your option

  • Free

  • $0

    per month
  • Bookmark + Stats Manager
  • Automated Stats (max 5 sites, rest manual)
  • Referral Program (get refs on max 5 sites)
  • Monthly Premium

  • $2

    per month
  • Bookmark + Stats Manager
  • Automated Stats (Unlimited)
  • Referral Program (Unlimited)
  • Premium Affiliate Program You get 1$ per ref!
  • Lifetime Premium

  • $50

  • Bookmark + Stats Manager
  • Automated Stats (Unlimited)
  • Referral Program (Unlimited)
  • Premium Affiliate Program You get 1$ per ref!


What do Buxenger members have to say?

  1. A must have!

    Buxenger has really changed my PTC experience!
    Not only is it easy to use, and keeps all my favorite PTCs organized - I've made $56 from my Buxenger referrals, and I have referrals in my PTCs now too, with no extra work.
    This really IS a "must have PTC software".
  2. Thank You!

    I now have 34 PTC referrals that registered from Buxenger!
    I have never been able to get so many Direct referrals so fast and easy before, Buxenger is a real blessing, once again Thank You!
  3. Excellent tool!

    Excellent PTC tool bringing all in one place to earn money from ptc sites. Really recommendable.
  4. Addictive!

    You know that you are addicted to Buxenger, when you click CTRL+RIGHT arrow to view the next ad on a site that does not support Buxenger.

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